CARINAIR uses a new business concept, which has been developed by the founders and perfected by the team. The simple primary vision is to re-introduce passenger satisfaction back to the aviation industry.

CARINAIR will go against the trend of decrease of personal space for each passenger into a serious increase in personal space. The plan is to have a seat pitch of at least 34-inch on every row, offering superior leg room throughout the cabin. This amount of leg room is comparable to the amount of leg room offered by full service carriers in their respective "Economy plus" or even "Business class" tariffs on intercontinental routes.

This drastic increase in leg room, combined with the use of brand new State-of-the-Art seats and the availability of unmatched on-board services, will set a new standard which is second-to-none in regional air travel.

Each seat will be equipped with a charging station to charge laptops and mobile devices while on-board.


Honest Catering Solutions 

CARINAIR will offer a selection of minimum 4 meal options (i.e. Steak, fish, pasta, vegetarian, or canapes) to Business Class passengers, whereby the food is prepared fresh on-board, using a new model oven, which will prepare restaurant quality food. This will be a restaurant quality plate service that will be a new trend in Regional flights as well.   CARINAIR will as much as possible provide honest food on-board, such as fresh juices, real freshly brewed espresso coffee, natural drinks, organic and healthy food and snacks. There will be a selection of bottled high-quality wines and spirits.


CARINAIR will make the flight a whole new experience.

We will be making maximum use of the advantages that are presented through the implementation of a free of charge WIFI system on-board, which will include content that is tailored for the destinations that are flown.

I.E. on the flight to Barcelona, there will also be Spanish news and sports, next to the international content.

The following services are standard at CARINAIR

Personal care / The extra mile

- Simple bookings by app; 
- Complete travel process coverage; 
- Easy change of reservations; 
- Complete flexibility in travel dates; 
- Business lounge access; 
- Additional luggage allowance; 
- Fast lane security check; 
- Priority boarding; 
- Personalized service; 
- Crypto based frequent flyer program; 
- etc., etc. 

Regional destinations


Provide connections to or from several regional destinations that are currently unserved or in some occasions served by LLC’s once a day only. 

Services to ALL core destinations will be at least twice daily, thereby targeting the Business Traveler to go to his destination in the morning, do his business during the day and fly back home in the evening.